Express Nails Products.

We have been working with an international manufacturer and designer of specialist acrylic powders, polymers and monomers, liquids and accessory products for the cosmetic and medical industries. To bring you the most up to date products made to the highest standards.

We chose this company to work with because of their cutting edge expertise with in the beauty industry and high quality control that is required for the medical industry. Working with our experts we have developed our new acrylic nail system - Express Nails. 

All our products can be purchased through The Beauty Shack . Join their Facebook page for offers and discounts.

Express Nails Dusting Acrylic 40g

Express Nails Student Kits
Our dusting acrylic has been specially designed and manufactured with Polyethyl Methacrylate beads which contain no catalyst. They are fine, clean, homo polymer beads. PEMA beads rapidly absorb the monomers like EMA based sculpting liquids, swell and form a non slumping acrylic gel.

The beads therefore are perfectly suited to the following applications. 
Whereby resin is used and the powder is used to soak into the resin and build the body of the nail, the powder being dusted or sprayed over resin, or the nail dipped into the powder
Unlike other systems our express nail acrylic powder act like fast set sculpting polymer, when used with liquids to form nails, except with no reaction (no peroxide is present). The polymers can therefore be used with UV curable liquids, and cured within UV light boxes. The polymers can also be used as thickeners in liquid monomer systems due to the non reactivity and swelling properties.

Express Nails Resin 8ml

Express Nails Resin
Our resin is specially formulated for our system, it is crystal clear and self leveling to aid application. This product is used to coat the nail and hold the acrylic whilst you build the structure to the nails. It is then hardened with our Express Nails Brush on Activator.

Express Nails Brush on Activator 15ml and Brush Saver  15ml

Express Nails Activator
These products are used to harden the resin used during the Express Acrylic System. If you have not been trained by us please,please follow the instructions on the how to page .

Our brush on activator is almost twice as cost effective than spray activators, and our 15ml bottle of activator will produce the same amount of sets of nails as a 75ml bottle of spray activator, but at a fraction of the price.