How to apply Express Nails.

The routine:

Instructions for Express Acrylic Nails:
1. Consultation form
2. Sanitise your client's and your hands
3. Remove any nail polish
4. Check for contra-indications
5. Prep: push the cuticles back with a spoon pusher, remove the shine with the 180gt file and shape the free edge
6. Dehydrate
7. Apply the tips
8. Cut the tip down to size (for this treatment the tips MUST be cut short)
9. Apply resin across the apex from side to side of the nail
10. Using the pipette apply powder over the nail
11. After 15 seconds dust excess off with nail brush making sure to brush firmly to remove any traces of dried powder
12. Apply resin across top two thirds of the nail leaving the cuticle area clear, repeat the process with the powder
13. Apply resin from the cuticle to the free edge (so, over the whole nail) and repeat the process with the powder
14. Apply resin over the whole nail on all the nails THEN PUT THE RESIN AWAY and BRUSH ON THE ACTIVATOR three times leaving AT LEAST 10 seconds in between each application. Leave for 30 seconds after the last activator application.  Please ensure that the resin is sealed and put away before using the activator.  The brush cleaner is to swap the brushes with the activator after every set to stop the brush from going hard.  DO NOT APPLY RESIN AFTER THE ACTIVATOR HAS BEEN APPLIED, IT MUST ONLY BE APPLIED BEFORE THE ACTIVATOR OR THE RESIN BRUSH WILL GO HARD AND THE SYSTEM WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY.
15. Shape with a 180 grit file, buff with a white block, then shine with a 3 way shining file
16. Buff to a shine with cuticle oil  

Trouble Shooting


Express Nails
Express Nails
Express Nails