About Express Acrylic Nails.

Express Acrylic Nails system, how does it differ from traditional acrylic nails?

Our NEW Express Nail system is a real alternative to gel and traditional acrylic nails. It is ideal for your busy clients that are always on the go, fast application times and easy after care really make this system popular. It is easier to learn than traditional acrylic nails and unlike the gel system you do not need to buy a lamp. It is a low vapour system so there is less of an issue with the smells associated with traditional acrylic nails.

Different types of artificial nails
Acrylic: is also known as Liquid (monomer) and Powder (Polymer) or L&P. It originated from the dental industry. L&P has many advantages; mainly it is a very strong type of overlay, and can create shape on a nail plate. The combination of the liquid (monomer) and powder (polymer) (picked up on the brush) result in polymerisation taking place, using heat energy from the room or finger. Therefore temperature is very important in the polymerisation of the product. This product sets quickly, so technicians need to work fast. L&P nails can be soaked off in acetone to remove them.

Fiberglass/Silk: This fast system used a fiberglass mesh or silk, with a resin and an activator. The nails created are thin and flexible giving a lovely natural look but lacking in strength; they also cannot be used to correct misshapen nails. Fiberglass/Silk is removed with acetone.

Dipping System: This is a tried and tested system that is a cross between Acrylic and Fiberglass. This was a quick system but had issues with strength.

Gel:  This system also originated from the dental industry, and uses a polymer resin which is hardened under a UV lamp. Depending on brand, these can show a broader variety of quality and properties (flexibility, strength, etc.) but may be more expensive. They generally cannot be removed by organic solvents, but only be removed by filing (or left to grow out with the natural nail). There are, however, a variety of soak off UV gels which can be quickly and easily removed using acetone.

Express Nails:  This is a new system that takes advantage of current advancements in polymer technology. It uses fine homo polymer acrylic beads with resin and activator. Allowing the strength of the Acrylic system and the speed of the Dipping and Fiber/Silk systems, to merge into this new strong yet quick nail enhancement system. The application process allows you to build structure to the nail, adding strength and shape. Unlike acrylic nails you do have more time to work before the acrylic sets. Express Nails can be soaked off with acetone in the same way as acrylics, but in a much shorter time. Although Express Nails can be unfilled, the shortness of removal and application times makes it common sense to always apply a new set.  
Express Nails can also be used in conjunction with the UV Gel system. Another advantage of this system is that it doesn't have the strong smell associated with the monomer used with acrylic nails.

This system certainly doesn't replace Acrylic or Gel nails systems, but is a real alternative to these. It is ideal for the client that wants natural short nails, but need added strength and shape. You can add nail art and gel nail varnish too.