Welcome to Express Acrylic Nails.

We are proud to present to you our new Express Acrylic Nail System .

Express Acrylic Nails are quick and easy to apply. It is ideal for busy clients that are on the go, fast, quick and easy are key attributes of this system.

We use cutting edge polymers in their purest form. Tests have shown that acrylic is strongest without additives and in fact additives can weaken the finished nail. 

Our Dusting Acrylic Powder is specially formulated with fine homo polymer beads for strength, no reinforced is required. The system also uses a resin and activator to create strong natural looking nails in just 30 minutes.

The Dusting Powder can also be used in-conjunction with UV gel, to add strength to your existing UV gel system.

If you have not been trained by us or Star Beauty Schools, please, follow the instructions on the how to page .

Express Acrylic Nails
Express Acrylic Nails
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